Sunday, April 20, 2008

Paulownia Farm Park

On a cold and frosty morning playgroup had an outing to a farm. Xander desperately wanted to ride the ponies but they weren't being ridden this time.
He got to see some Belted Galloways, touch a white fluffy duck, watch the chickens being fed (he was too slow to be one of the feeders!), and the goats.

We all sat down and had a lovely morning tea, as it suddenly got very hot and the kids were dressed for a cold day - oh well.

After washing our hands we got to pretend we were ponies, which was heaps of fun, trotting galloping and going on the seesaw. Then we watched the ponies do it for real.

Maybe we will go for Xander's birthday so he can ride a pony!

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