Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hello Winter

Today is the first day of the year we have set the fire. It is rather chilly for a change with the rain.
It is that nice homey feeling sort of day so while the kids were sleeping i pulled out the baby blanket project that i began 3 years ago and will have it finished tonight - yey!

Xander has become a master climber, using the chairs in the house and climbing over everything. So Alan has gone ahead and started building the play fort we have had plans for. It's going to have a climbing wall on one side, a slide on another and there is place for a swing - it's going to be cool.

Xander and Esmee both have colds. So i've added extra blankets to their beds. It's so not fun having a fussy baby because she can't breathe - and it's not much fun having to suck the snot so she can breathe!

We had a catch up with the mothers on Friday, they all came here. It was great and Xander was just the thing showing everyone how good he is at counting 1-10 and singing the alphabet! He also showed the kids the huge mud puddle by the gate which caused many changes of pants! I knew i shouldn't have taught him how to jump in puddles.
Esmee was proudly showing off her 4 teeth. Yes 4! April was the month for teeth popping, she has all her front little pearlers.
Xander has a new bookshelf. He woke up yesterday and was so excited he immediately stacked all his books inside! And i got to put them together.
Sorry there aren't any photos our camera card packed a sad and we lost some photos, i'll try to add some more soon.

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