Wednesday, May 28, 2008

my eggs!

Xander has become a big boy this week. He has given his dummy to the fairies and it is now a star in the sky! It has been really easy actually - i'd expected screaming and whatever for a few hours or more, but so far (third day!) have had nothing.
He has decided to go back to not eating dinner. A few nights he has gone to bed without dinner and then refused breakfast too, and then this morning (midnight) he threw up in his bed and has had a dodgey tummy, but seems much better now. He actually ate more today than just morning tea like Monday and Tuesday.
One of the teachers at Kindy gave him the highest compliment on Tuesday. She said he was a "really switched on dude." His mathematical concepts are completely grasped - counting, colours, shapes, sizes... it's awesome to know we have helped this come about! He now counts to 13 and then says "Monday". It's really funny.
Esmee is talking talking talking now. "oooh, AAAaaahhAA, nnnn" seems to be coming out of her all day. So not only do we have a curious social butterfly she is also going to be a chatterbox!
She also has two more teeth! they popped up last week - the next two top ones. she's a really great eater now - lets hope we don't have trouble later on with dinners!
Our little girl is nearly crawling. I say nearly cos she stretches and pushed with her toes and i have noticed she is trying to dig in with her elbows, so any day now - without pushing off whatever is available - she will be off. Of course she spins on her tummy and kicks her legs in a flying fashion. Xander is going to be in for a shock. I noticed today when she grabbed something he picked it up and put it just out of her reach (little monkey) it's going to be funny when she moves to get it!

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