Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Play Fort

Well this weekend was most productive.
Alan finished the roof - with me on top putting the last two pieces on! Then he put up two of the sides (with Xander's help!)

Then up went the rungs for the ladder

this had a trap door on it too so the kids don't fall out!

and finally - Xander waiting so patiently
- the slide was bolted in place!


He had quite a few goes and just loves it.
Climbing up the ladder, going down the slide!

All it needs now is a swing

the swing will hang from this side from the beam.

and when the kids are a bit bigger, Alan will put the climbing holes on.

Esmee had a little slide but i was holding her so couldn't get a photo - next time!


Lillybud said...

What a awesome job Alan did!!! If only my man was any good with a hammer lol
Kids are going to have so much fun with it! :)

Mum said...

Xander already loves it - he told everyone at kindy that he has a slide and a ladder!

Lillybud said...

lol cute!

Constance said...

I know i've said it before, but wicked fort!!!!

i was at a house today with one like that... four boys playing cowboys and indians and using the slide as an escape shoot.... so funny...