Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dadada, da, da, da

Esmee is getting faster with her crawling - well more a belly drag as she digs in her elbows and pushes with her left toes and nothing else!

Last night she chased - slow and steady! - her father and Xander up the hallway.
It was gorgeous. When she couldn't see Daddy she started making "da da da" noises.
We seem to be reaching milestones left right and centre! They grow up so quickly.

While Xander was at Kindy yesterday she got to have his chair all to herself and even got to watch her own t.v show - baby einstein dvd but she thought it was great!

Mummy, i need go wee wees!

Well, i thought this was going to take forever but we seem to be full steam ahead with the toilet training and Xander is spearheading it himself!
On Friday i made a decision to use undies (with his permission of course!) and he did really well. Every time i put on the toilet - about every 30 minutes he went and he had a few accidents between times. I had to change him twice before play group at 9.30am and then twice at play group. We had a busy afternoon so he was in nappies and that seemed to be the end of it.
Well on Monday i picked him up from Kindy only to be told he was in undies! Apparently Gabi had taken him to the toilet and he'd said he wanted to wear undies. He proudly showed me bob the builder and all day - yes ALL DAY! - Xander stayed dry and used the potty when he needed to go. So except for when he had his sleep, he was in undies all day.
This morning he protested a bit but after a bit of encouragement he went to kindy with his own undies on and no accidents before we left. I had an accident at kindy - but i was expecting that! - so had a change of outfits when i picked him up. He was bare foot as he had wet his socks and shoes but that is all good.
So this afternoon when we go out the potty will be coming too.
Well done Xander! He really is becoming a big boy!!

On another note, you may know he hasn't been very good with dinner the last month or so. It has gotten so bad he stopped cutting out his day sleep and has been sleeping 2-3 hours during the day (not normal for a toddler his age!) and has huge dark rings under his eyes. Off to the doctor and he now has iron syrup in the morning with his weetbix and a vitamin tablet before going to bed. Hopefully this will help give him what he needs until he decides to eat his meat and veges!

Friday, June 20, 2008

9 Months Old


Only three months until our baby is one, eek!
Esmee now weighs 7.3kg and is 67.5cms tall. she is a very petite little pixie only in the lower 20 percent for her age.
Our little girl has a big personality with many faces!





She loves to sing with Xander, is crawling quite nicely - still on her tummy but getting there!, she is trying to pull herself up on things but hasn't figured out she needs to stand on her feet.
She watches the Go Show with Xander, is fascinated with Rascal and is still very sociable.
Such a stroppy miss - must be the red hair, she won't let us help brush her teeth and insists on feeding herself at dinner - her top gets more of a feed than she does! And she is down to only one feed from me a day.


What a fantastic journey so far - and a long way to go....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On the Move

Well today Esmee crawled!
It's a bit awkward and takes heaps of effort - straining on her toes, digging her elbows in but she got there! She has been trying for a few weeks with the result of only going backwards, but now she's got it! She did it at least 3 times before i sat her up to give her a rest (she was due for a sleep anyway).

Also at lunch time she picked up the spoon and fed herself. I had ran to check on Xander who was in the playfort and she decided she just couldn't wait for me to come back. IN the video she is only sucking the spoon but she had scooped it herself before i started the video.
I have tried to help her before now and she performed something terrible, doesn't want help will do it all herself. Such an independent little miss...whatever are we in for!!
At least she will have nice clean teeth. Like Xander she loves brushing her teeth, but unlike Xander she won't let us help her.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Birthday Surprise

For my birthday i got a great surprise! A got to have a lie in - although this was ruined as Esmee didn't want to go back to sleep! But then Alan and Xander went grocery shopping and we had a relaxing morning and then a beautiful bunch of flowers arrived from Kaylene

and my friends turned up, and Alan came out with lots of party food, and a cake -
so delicious, yummy apple cake! I was so surprised - thank God i'd done the vaccuuming while they were shopping.
On Wednesday i'm going bowling and then to dinner with some friends, so i've bought some lovely new clothes.
I love birthdays! Next up Esmee!!!