Friday, June 20, 2008

9 Months Old


Only three months until our baby is one, eek!
Esmee now weighs 7.3kg and is 67.5cms tall. she is a very petite little pixie only in the lower 20 percent for her age.
Our little girl has a big personality with many faces!





She loves to sing with Xander, is crawling quite nicely - still on her tummy but getting there!, she is trying to pull herself up on things but hasn't figured out she needs to stand on her feet.
She watches the Go Show with Xander, is fascinated with Rascal and is still very sociable.
Such a stroppy miss - must be the red hair, she won't let us help brush her teeth and insists on feeding herself at dinner - her top gets more of a feed than she does! And she is down to only one feed from me a day.


What a fantastic journey so far - and a long way to go....

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Greg P said...

Love the grumpy look :)