Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dadada, da, da, da

Esmee is getting faster with her crawling - well more a belly drag as she digs in her elbows and pushes with her left toes and nothing else!

Last night she chased - slow and steady! - her father and Xander up the hallway.
It was gorgeous. When she couldn't see Daddy she started making "da da da" noises.
We seem to be reaching milestones left right and centre! They grow up so quickly.

While Xander was at Kindy yesterday she got to have his chair all to herself and even got to watch her own t.v show - baby einstein dvd but she thought it was great!

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Anonymous said...

cool seeing them both together as it brings back lots of memories for me. Your two are the same age difference as mine were. They are so much fun at this age.

Not like my 21 yr old who we have just kicked out of home..yes she too was a sweet wee child at Esmees age