Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On the Move

Well today Esmee crawled!
It's a bit awkward and takes heaps of effort - straining on her toes, digging her elbows in but she got there! She has been trying for a few weeks with the result of only going backwards, but now she's got it! She did it at least 3 times before i sat her up to give her a rest (she was due for a sleep anyway).

Also at lunch time she picked up the spoon and fed herself. I had ran to check on Xander who was in the playfort and she decided she just couldn't wait for me to come back. IN the video she is only sucking the spoon but she had scooped it herself before i started the video.
I have tried to help her before now and she performed something terrible, doesn't want help will do it all herself. Such an independent little miss...whatever are we in for!!
At least she will have nice clean teeth. Like Xander she loves brushing her teeth, but unlike Xander she won't let us help her.

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