Monday, July 28, 2008

crawling properly

It's a little dark but you get the picture!

some photos

our handsome little man - very tired though

so beautiful

loving siblings
(wonder how long that will last??)

trying to climb up my leg, can't quite make it to her feet...



will you look at that red hair!

this is what happens when you don't want help - you get covered in it!

oops, this is what happens when you forget to look first!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

our bright boy

Xander had some fun over the school holidays getting to ride a race car at Lollipops, having dress ups - he was a monkey! - and fish and chips at kindy...wish i was a kid again!
He has been asking us to use the computer for quite some time now so we bought him Dora and Explorer and it has become the highlight of his day. After the first go he is now a pro quickly clicking on all the places he wants to go and playing the games there.

Kindy are very pleased with his progress and want us to come up with a goal for next term. So he has all his mathematical concepts competely grasped so i thought why not his letters? So in conjunction with Kindy (hopefully) i am going to concentrate more on his letter and getting him to write.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our baby is nearly 1!

10 months old today.
Already Esmee is making 4 signs, she clapped her hands this morning and last night even tried to take a few steps! This video is sideways (sorry) and a bit dark as it was taken last night.

She is loving standing and what she can see from up on her two shaky little legs. Still has 6 teeth, sleeps all night and loves her brother. Do you remember that Xander loved pegs? Esmee does too!
Our daughter is a cheeky little girl, with a firey temper, but we just adore her!
That temper is a sign of terrific tantrums to come which we hope we can overcome or at least distract her from when the time comes....yeah right!

Now to start planning her first party - she can finally eat cake and all the yummy things she sees Xander eating and tries to get.

Monday, July 07, 2008

These feet are made for standing...

Esmee has learnt how fun it is to stand on her feet. She smiles the whole time and is now trying to bop to music. She won't take a step yet, but i'm in no hurry for her to do that!
She's even discovering her knees are of use too. She is now rocking back and forth on her knees but as soon as she takes off anywhere it's back to her tummy crawl.

Xander has discovered it isn't as much fun having a little sister afterall. She steals his dinosaurs, and the other day tried to draw with him too.

He is very good though and doesn't hit her, just yells "no" and then Esmee shakes her head - she has learnt it means no, clever girl.
She has also learnt the sign for 'all gone/finished/enough' and moves her hand and shakes her head at the same time when she has had enough to eat. Too cute.

Friday, July 04, 2008

party at play group

We all got dressed up for the end of term party for play group.

Seeing as Xander has to dress up for kindy on monday as a jungle animal, he went as a monkey, Esmee went as a little bunny - so cute, and i went as a fairy.
They had party food, a bubble machine and lots of music and games. Xander got his face painted.
It was great to see lots of the adults had dressed up too, there was a cat and a witch and even a disco queen! Many kids had wings or fancy masks, and one mother made a bumble bee costume for her daughter and herself!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Quick update

Nothing much has happened of interest with us over the last week.
Xander is still going strong with wearing his undies - we bought him some Wiggles, Thomas the tank engine and Bob the Builder undies at the weekend and he decided on Monday to not use the toilet - his "accidents" meant he could wear another new pair of undies!
Esmee is getting faster with her belly crawl, still hasn't figured out to use her knees but she'll get there. She is also doing really well with standing. She is now trying to pull herself up to stand but hasn't achieved it yet.
We went to music this morning as Gym has finished for the term and the kids loved it, will be keeping wednesday as music day next term.
My novel is coming along now that i have gone back to using pen and paper. I hope to have the first draft finished by end of July...hopefully!
Also we are going to have Esmee's birthday party in Wellington, so in August be sure to look out for your invitation!