Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our baby is nearly 1!

10 months old today.
Already Esmee is making 4 signs, she clapped her hands this morning and last night even tried to take a few steps! This video is sideways (sorry) and a bit dark as it was taken last night.

She is loving standing and what she can see from up on her two shaky little legs. Still has 6 teeth, sleeps all night and loves her brother. Do you remember that Xander loved pegs? Esmee does too!
Our daughter is a cheeky little girl, with a firey temper, but we just adore her!
That temper is a sign of terrific tantrums to come which we hope we can overcome or at least distract her from when the time comes....yeah right!

Now to start planning her first party - she can finally eat cake and all the yummy things she sees Xander eating and tries to get.


Anonymous said...


Comments from my work colleagues you are adorable and a heart breaker and of course I agree.

Lots of love


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone
its bridgeti havent seen esmee yet but she looks so buetiful. shes adorable =)Lots of love from my family and icant wait to see you soonXXxXxxXXoOooOoO