Saturday, July 19, 2008

our bright boy

Xander had some fun over the school holidays getting to ride a race car at Lollipops, having dress ups - he was a monkey! - and fish and chips at kindy...wish i was a kid again!
He has been asking us to use the computer for quite some time now so we bought him Dora and Explorer and it has become the highlight of his day. After the first go he is now a pro quickly clicking on all the places he wants to go and playing the games there.

Kindy are very pleased with his progress and want us to come up with a goal for next term. So he has all his mathematical concepts competely grasped so i thought why not his letters? So in conjunction with Kindy (hopefully) i am going to concentrate more on his letter and getting him to write.


Anonymous said...

HI everyone its bridget from wellington

xander has grown up heaps tell him lots of love from bridget and family (if he remembers us)

thanx alan for fixing our computer
ill keep in touch and watch wats happening with the kids


the O'Connors

Mum said...

i don't think he does remember but i will say hi anyways, and you will see Esmee on her first birthday - look out for an invitation! it will probably be by email so be sure to send it to us!