Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Quick update

Nothing much has happened of interest with us over the last week.
Xander is still going strong with wearing his undies - we bought him some Wiggles, Thomas the tank engine and Bob the Builder undies at the weekend and he decided on Monday to not use the toilet - his "accidents" meant he could wear another new pair of undies!
Esmee is getting faster with her belly crawl, still hasn't figured out to use her knees but she'll get there. She is also doing really well with standing. She is now trying to pull herself up to stand but hasn't achieved it yet.
We went to music this morning as Gym has finished for the term and the kids loved it, will be keeping wednesday as music day next term.
My novel is coming along now that i have gone back to using pen and paper. I hope to have the first draft finished by end of July...hopefully!
Also we are going to have Esmee's birthday party in Wellington, so in August be sure to look out for your invitation!

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