Monday, July 07, 2008

These feet are made for standing...

Esmee has learnt how fun it is to stand on her feet. She smiles the whole time and is now trying to bop to music. She won't take a step yet, but i'm in no hurry for her to do that!
She's even discovering her knees are of use too. She is now rocking back and forth on her knees but as soon as she takes off anywhere it's back to her tummy crawl.

Xander has discovered it isn't as much fun having a little sister afterall. She steals his dinosaurs, and the other day tried to draw with him too.

He is very good though and doesn't hit her, just yells "no" and then Esmee shakes her head - she has learnt it means no, clever girl.
She has also learnt the sign for 'all gone/finished/enough' and moves her hand and shakes her head at the same time when she has had enough to eat. Too cute.

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