Sunday, August 10, 2008

1 month to go

Our strong willed little lady is a month away from her first birthday.
As most parents gush about their babies i will do the same.
Esmee is very smart, has been waving hello and goodbye since 5 months old, she tells us when she is hungry, had enough, wants more, look at the light, look fish!, all using signs. she understands stand up, sit down, no, clever and she says mum, dad and her version of Xander.
Give her a few weeks and she will walking holding on to furniture and we are thinking of enrolling her in swimming next term.
weight: 8.4 kg - she has put on a kilo in six months
Esmee is still very cheeky and very sociable, and man what a wicked temper. She is also a Daddy's Girl but then what girl isn't!
Oh and as an aside - i have finished the first draft of my novel, i am just typing it up now and then can get down to some serious editing!

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Anonymous said...

Well done Kerrin, I've been waiting to hear that news. Lovely to see what the kids have been up to the last little while. They are really beautiful. Hope you are all feeling much better now. Will catch up soon. Luv M (Silverlady)