Monday, August 11, 2008

2 years 9 months

Our baby has certainly grown into a little man!
He can count to 14, says his ABC's, recognises about 6 letters and 4 or so numbers.
He loves playing computer games (educational ones of course!), dancing, playing his guitar. He adores his little sister and is always trying to give her hugs and kisses - much to her disgust.
Xander is a sweet boy, always sharing and looking out for others, always wanting to help with the dishes and cleaning (maybe i don't do a good enough job!), but very independent too.
I can't believe he is fully day toilet trained.
He is currently very attached to Jack and i'm pleased to say unlike his sister he still sleeps anywhere!
weight: 16kg - he has lost just over a kilo! probably due to not eating dinner.

well as his mother i am aware of all his successes and failures and i could go on all day... you will just have to see for yourself what a lovely young man he is.

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