Sunday, August 17, 2008

This week

Xander and Esmee think it is the best thing in the world to just laugh and giggle at each other for about 15 minutes non stop every day! It can get quite loud and annoying but i would prefer that to their inevitable arguments and fights when they are older!Esmee has been holding her bottle by herself for about 4 weeks now and i have only just got a photo of it.Xander loves doing crafts so out came the glue and scissors and he had a ball making a brontosaurus with a yoghurt punnet nose!
He had afternoon kindy on Thursday which meant he had no sleep and he coped really well! I had thought he would lose it once we had to go home but he was fine - well done Xander! So once a week for now he will have afternoon kindy and we will stick to morning kindy the other two days.Esmee was delighted this morning when Xander fed her breakfast, so was he! She can feed herself but it takes about an hour for the meal to finished and the floor and herself are covered in it! Such an independent miss she won't even let you help, will throw her spoon and scream if you try to touch it.

Although both kids ate their dinner without help the other night, and Esmee fed herself, i bought a new bib which goes on like a top so i was happy to let her go for it and she was very tidy! Xander for the first time in months actually ate all his dinner with very little urging and no help, finally!!
I took the safety sleep off Esmee's bed this week because she was rolling over and then getting upset that she couldn't sit up. It is supposed to stop them from rolling over so i thought it was a bit superfluous and took it off. Well, what a horrible sleepless three days were had until it was finally washed and dried and put back on the bed today! Will have to think of ways to wean her off the safety sleep so she can still get her sleep.


Anonymous said...

So has she held anything else..After holding her bottle for 4 weeks you would think that the milk would go stale


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