Thursday, September 25, 2008

Down and Out

Xander and Esmee have been sick since Saturday night. Throwing up and filling their pants as soon as they are all cleaned up, not to mention the number to sheets that had to be changed! They must have picked up a bug somewhere, Alan and I didn't get anything.
You could tell Xander was sick because all he did for two whole days was lay on the couch, not talking, hardly eating and asking to go back to bed.
Esmee has been sleeping all day too and not eating anything - the only thing she would accept was her bottle but that is no good as it came out as soon as it was finished!
Thankfully this morning they are both well, Esmee ate two weetbix (the most food she's eated since sunday!) and Xander went to kindy this afternoon, after talking the roof off to make up for his silence on Tuesday morning.
Despite feeling sick, they have been wonderful together. Xander shared his black chair with Esmee to watch t.v, and he gave her his crafts once he had finished painting them.
Yesterday they played outside and Esmee delighted in climbing the slide and going down on her tummy!She ventured around the house with her walking and delighted in sitting on it when i converted it to the little ride-on.

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