Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My little cuties!

Esmee is loving her signs and the fact that she can be understood, we love it too - both kids are delighted with flowers, even plastic ones!
Our little miss loves books, but as soon as you sit down with her to read one chaos insues! She doesn't want you to read it to her, she just wants to flip the pages quickly...oh well, maybe we will just keep trying!
We have just spent a week in Wellington. It was a great trip, despite the long drive, having to stop every hour and a half to make Xander go to the toilet, and Esmee not sleeping so screaming for the last half hour of it!
The kids enjoyed spending time with Granny, Grandpa and Aunty Angelina, Esmee was even holding her arms out to be picked up by them by the time we left!
Xander really enjoyed playing on the see-saw with Granny - go Granny!We got back early afternoon on Sunday and were immediately getting ready for a birthday party. I had forgotten it was a dress up one so poor Xander went in his Wiggles pj's in lieu of a costume and i then forgot Esmee's wings! oh well, they had a wonderful time jumping climbing and eating at the YMCA!


Constance said...

Hey Kerrin, just out of interest where do you get your info about teaching little ones "signs" for. I have heard a lot about it and i know that kids can sign long before they can speak. Is there a book you have or is it on a website...

just curious


Anonymous said...

Kerrin do you know the name of the little red head girl, she looks very familar to me.