Sunday, September 07, 2008

Pa and Butterflies

Our pretty girl!

Saturday we drove all the way to the Auckland Airport - Xander slept most of the way - and picked up Pa who is visiting from Australia. Xander was so excited and has been asking about him all week, he is so delighted to have him here he doesn't let him out of his sight and i'm sure Trevor is sick of the sound of "Pa"!
Esmee was a bit shy to begin with but by the time we'd visited the butterflies at Butterfly Creek she was her cheeky flirty self.

The Butterflies were amazing! So many different colours and they shapes and they loved bright colours. Xander wasn't too keen on them fluttering for a closer look at his Thomas top and convulsed with fear with his hands glued to his ears.

This was the only time Xander didn't have his hands on his ears (he thought they would fly inside!) and actually got him to look at one.
They landed on Alan's hat, my head, bag and even Esmee's dress. It was so hot and we were all sweating.
Xander was pleased to leave the butterflies and have his beloved fluffy!When we got home, Pa brought out gifts for the kids.
Xander got his very own tool belt, hammer, screw drivers, square, saw and many more things to put in his tool box - all real too! he was so excited he went around singing Bob the Builder for the night!Netta had knitted booties and scarfs and hats for the kids and Esmee just looked adorable - but then she always does! Thanks Netta.

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