Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A day in the sun!

Yey for the hot summery weather we have been having the last few days. The kids are delighted to playing outside in the sun! Not to mention going for walks and riding our (Xander) bikes!
We went to the Lake today with Nita and Michaela for a picnic lunch. The picnic lasted five minutes and then Xander and Michaela were off to the jungle gym.

Poor Xander, after having heaps of fun on the swing, going through the tunnel slide and up the chain ladder he followed Michaela over the log bridge, stopped half way for a fun jump and it snapped underneath him. Luckily he was holding the rail as suddenly there was no floor!

It's okay the chain holding it up had rusted and decided to give up the ghost as Xander jumped.
Esmee thought it looked like fun and had a hang too.

Then we spied the very big slide so up they run.
Xander had a brief pause before plunging down the steep slope.

Weee, it was so fun Esmee was demanding from the pram to have a go, so off i went with her. Doesn't her grin say it all!A fun afternoon coming straight from Kindy, so both kids were knackered and had a sleep when we got home. Usually it's a fight these days to get Xander to sleep on a Wednesday, the one day of the week he HAS to have one, so this wore him out nicely.

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