Friday, November 28, 2008

Our incredible kids!

This summer weather is beautiful and kids are taking full advantage of it! They've been in the paddling pool, had ice blocks and we are enjoying eating dinner on the deck.
Esmee has taken to crawling like a spider whilst outside which is hilarious. Everyday she is taking one or two steps but is preferring to crawl. Yesterday she practiced standing from sitting without holding onto anything for a good five minutes, so funny.

Xander delighted Esmee by asking to read her a story and she climbed onto his knee and sat nicely while he read to her. What lovely siblings.

She may not be too confident yet to walk but she is very confident in climbing. This is only half way up. Yesterday she went ALL the way up and hid in the fort so i couldn't reach her! Look at the delight on her face. She giggles the whole time which makes her slide down 5 times out of the ten that she climbs!

Xander was being a duffer and i turned the corner and foudn him trying to crawl up the wall. he thought it was hilarious!

Yesterday morning we dressed up - the kids did i didn't! Charlie gave Xander this batman costume for his birthday which he thinks is awesome.

Not to be outdone by her brother Esmee wore her wings! Face of an Angel but we know better!

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