Sunday, November 16, 2008

Xanders party!

It was hot hot hot and the kids had a great time.
We had at least twenty people here on Saturday afternoon - kids and parents. We popped up two play tents and the gazebo, whipped up a batch of playdough and let them go for it. Of course there was party food first then they played everywhere.

Xander's cake was a hit - Alan decorated it with a dinosaur mountain and valley with a volcano at the top. By the time Xander got to blow out the candles there was an extra dinosaur on the cake and fingerprints in the jelly!

Xander had fun testing out his rugby ball with granddad and Eden, then playing t-ball with daddy and michaela.While Esmee caught up with Nanna.

Once everyone had left, Xander Esmee and Michaela chilled out with a jelly tip.

What a great day!

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Anonymous said...

looks like it was fun for everyone