Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Party at Lollipops

Last night was the playgroup Christmas party at Lollipops.
It was a great night. I got to sit down for most of it and Alan ran around after the kids having a great time! He joined Xander in the rat race, and was buried in the ball pit!

Esmee was stoked to be allowed to ride in the cars, and Xander loved them as always.

Of course the high-light of the evening was when Santa arrived through the kitchen door bearing gifts. He held them in rapt attention asking who had been naughty and who had been good.

Xander was a bit confused afterwards saying that daddy had pretended to be Santa but he didn't look certain (i think his t-shirt under the jacket may have gievn it away!), but after explaining to him he was convinced it was the real Santa! Of course no photo with Esmee as i was holding her and the camera when Santa called her name and my friend didn't get the picture so maybe next year!

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