Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Kindy Christmas at the Zoo

Sunday evening we went to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo. It was hot, it was busy and when Santa arrived, so did the fun!The kids had to sit for about an hour to wait for their names to be called for Santa to give them a gift, so in the end Esmee missed out because she was walking with dad and Xander looking at the animals. Xander got his though and he was the only kid to say 'Thank You' and not do a snatch and run away from Santa!
We had a picnic dinner of bacon and egg pie, bread rolls and salads, but all the kids wanted were the yoghurts!Xander loved it that Nita and Michaela joined us, Xander and Michaela wore themselves out running all over the zoo. They loved the monkeys and the Rhino's.

Most of the other exciting animals were asleep or absent. Esmee loved the birds.
Of course you can't go anywhere with a playground and expect to come away without having played on it - Xander loved climbing, and Esmee loved the slide.