Saturday, December 06, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree...

singing: "It's christmas time, it's christmas time"

Last night - Friday we put up the Christmas tree. Xander loved opening all the boxes to find the decorations. He even got to put his fairy on the tree that he made at kindy on Thursday.

Today was lovely. After the kids sleep we went into town to get them shoes only to find the shop closing 1 minute after we got there! this was at 4pm, all the other shops are open until 5.30!
So we cruised around the rest of the shops and then had a gelato from garden place - note to Hamiltonians get a kidi scoop, it's huge! and only $2.
Then we decided to take advantage of the kids good mood and we took fish and chips to the gardens. Esmee got a huge kick out of all the ducks and white rats - oops i mean white pigeons that gathered around. Xander delighted in chasing them away! (sorry didn't have the camera)
Yey for summer!