Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Sorry for the slack update - no reason for it either. Photos will follow later.

Esmee is running now and being the biggest dare devil. She makes it half way up the ladder to the slide at the park before i've even got there! She has cut all four of her eye teeth (All on the same day!). She is very headstrong and know exactly what she wants and man watch out if she doesn't get it!

Xander is growing up faster than i ever thought was possible. I don't need to remind him to go to the toilet any more and he even sleeps without a nappy for his day sleep. We have begun to talk about no nappy at night too but he's not keen on that just yet. We are having problems with no listening ears, but he makes up for it by being very lovely and caring towards Esmee. We are looking at other kindys to send Xander as The Kids Club has become too expensive and he won't be moving to Kids Club Two (and the free hours!) until July! I've looked at a couple and haven't liked the teacher:child ratio of 1:15. Other options are all the way over in Chartwell but hopefully i hear back from St Andrews and Te Rapa soon. It's a shame because he really likes Kids Club and i love the structure and learning there. Oh well, we will see how it goes.

I've hurt my back probably from picking up the kids and have a doctor's appointment on Thursday. It's been sore for about 3 weeks and i thought with time it will get better, but it seems to be getting worse so am getting with checked out.
On another note, i'm starting to write another book this week, this time to submit to Mills and Boon. Quite excited about this and hopefully it doesn't take a year to write this one!

Alan is busy with work and bit worried about the recession in regards to the effect on positions at work. Trying to make himself indispensable in the hopes he doesn't find himself without a job.
He's thinking about Winter Hockey, which will give him needed stress relief. He never says so but we all know how he secretly stresses!

Well that's it for now. Hope you are all well. Photos will follow soon.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Swimming by himself

Today was Xander's first swimming lesson in his new preschool 2 class. He swam all by himself! I didn't realise how confident he is in the water - well done Xander!

Daddy and Esmee swam on the other side while Xander had his lesson.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Splash Planet

It was so hot so we spent the morning and some of the afternoon on Saturday cooling off in the cool water at Splash Planet!
Esmee loved the water spray and didn't want to get out despite shivering (the water was not heated!) Xander loved the river and went on it with dad and later with Granny, Grandpa and Esmee.

Alan spent most of the time going down the water slides - the main reason we went was for him to do that.

That night we went out for dinner at a pub/restaurant, very nice dinner. Esmee didn't want to eat - must have been sore poor thing. But we got a family photo - a bit blurry, but you can see my hair dyed copper brown.

Sunny Havelock North

We went with Henny and Dave and Aunty Angelina to Havelock North over the long weekend and it was awesome. Really nice house (they did a house swap for the sevens!) close to a school and a park which meant three playgrounds for the kids, just across the road! We spent an afternoon there and all of us had a good time:

Esmee a bit wary of the tunnel.

Look at me! at the top
Weee, at the bottom!


me too!

Balancing with Grandpa

Go Grandpa!

Xander being very tricky!

Go Dad!

It was so hot and impossible to sleep at night - coupled with Esmee cutting her four eye teeth we didn't get much sleep. Hopefully soon they will come through.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Hairy Maclary and Zachary Quack

Xander is reading to Esmee. The story is called Hairy Maclary and Zachary Quack. He says, "It was drowsily warm with dozens of bees. pittery pattery zip round the corner came zachary quack." after i stopped the video he turned pages and remembered most of the story and read it to Esmee, he remembered: "splat. A dog paddle splash. Hairy Maclary skeddadled away. Footle and play." Such a clever boy.
If you want to hear the whole story here is a link to Lynley Dodd reading it on UTube - sorry you will have to copy and paste it into another page on the net!

Talking about clever. Since Friday when he has had his day sleep (I know i am so lucky he still has this!) he has slept without a nappy. And no wet bed! I will give him the month to get used to it then near the end start talking about no nappy for night time too, we'll see how he goes.

her new cute stage

Esmee's hair is finally long enough for us to tie up. Though she doesn't allow it. She'd pulled one out just after i took this photo but the other one stayed put until she went to bed.
Poor thing has just cut her fourth molar and it now looks like her canine teeth are coming through. She'd not too happy about it either.