Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Finally the Wiggles are here!

Wow finally after 3 months of holding tickets and trying not to tell Xander we are going - or it would have been "are we going to the wiggles today mummy?" everyday for those 3 months! - we went and saw the wiggles today. I'm so pleased we were able to take the kids to see them, such a wonderful opportunity to round out their wiggles education.

It was so good. There were about 3 songs we didn't know and kids had grins the whole 1.5 hours.
Jeff fell asleep, Murray played his guitar, Captain Feathersword was his silly self, and Anthony has become a bit of an acrobat (Captain too).

I think there were just as many adults as kids and it was great to see so many dads there. Alan enjoyed it too.
Xander was thrilled when Old Dan Tucker song came on so Alan videoed the whole thing - it is way too long to put on the blog, you'll just have to see it when you visit!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

clean kids

My kids are so strange. Esmee is terrified of the vacuum but when i offered it to her she took it and had a great time.

Xander picked up everything off his floor and then had his turn.

oohh so nice not to have to do it all!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

On the road again

The kids were delighted when the Ford Truck came out this afternoon after Alan had finished washing the car.
Esmee just put her foot down and went for it - didn't need any coaching (must have a lead foot like her mother!) except for steering. "uh-oh" was said with big smiles and a giggle many times when she banged into the fence or drove onto the grass.

She chased after Xander down the driveway to make sure he knew it was her turn when he got back and he was very happy to share with her - such a lovely brother.

It's times like these where wasting an hour is so worth it with the kids, makes you appreciate small things and peaceful kids.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Daddy's Big Helper

Today Alan and Xander made a smaller vege garden as i hope this will be more managable and easier to gain access so we can grow our own veges. Xander had such a great time picking the chillis and tomatoes. He loved going to the garden centre and helping pick the veges. he really wanted brussel sprouts and beetroot so Alan got a punnet of each.
Of course Xander loved helping Daddy build the boxes and he got to use his tools.

Xander is a veritable Mr Helper and such a lovely boy. We often get comments that he is really cool and a dear boy from random people. Such great manners and so happy. I hope this stays that way once the testosterone kicks in at age 4!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

18 Months Old

Well apparently this is a serious milestone. A sure sign of no longer being a baby and entering toddlerdom. Apparently it is a great age to have a potty handy as Esmee can now hold her bladder, though she has been doing this for a few months already. She tells us when she wants a new nappy - and usually she had just filled it so i have taken to asking if she wants to go toilet, and her nod and "unn, sss" (translation: um, yes) off we go and sit on the ducky seat for about a minute. Nothing happens but she is stoked!
Esmee's hair is nearly long enough for a pony tail at the back, but everyone agrees her two pointy pigs tails are adorable.
Much to our horror, she had discovered she can climb the ladder up the playfort and hangs onto the top one and calls out until someone comes running to open the trapdoor so she can continue onwards. And hell hath no fury like hers when you tell her to get down and not go up!

Weight: 9.9kg
Height: 79cms

Little Monkey

St Patrick's Day at Kindy today so Xander is all in Green - even matched with his shoes!
He wanted 'green' food and since i forgot to make green cupcakes - much to his horror and disappointment, i quickly made green icing and put it on plain biscuits for his afternoon tea - oh thank goodness for icing! it saved the day.
He was so excited when i picked him up he had his face painted as a monkey - although i suspect it was supposed to be a clover, but of course the kids don't know what they are.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Esmee has taken a keen attachment to her horsey Jill and her two dollies. Kisses in the morning and night, she is now feeding them too.
I suspect it is because Xander does it and he wasn't about to be outdone by his determined little sister and made her share the highchair with Jack.

So cute when they actually play nicely with each other!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Picnic at the park

I took the kids to park across the road from kindy. Xander loves it and every day we drive passed he begs to go.
We had a picnic lunch then they climbed and slide and had a great time.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

reading with dad

So funny

I don't know what was so funny, but they were in hysterics after their bath.


The kids just love music. Now that Xander doesn't go to kindy on wednesday morning he comes with us to music.
He loves holding the face for the Alice and Camel song, at the right moment he flips it around for the horse head.
Esmee loves the parachute - rainbow coloured and we fan it over the kids, they love running, sitting and lying underneath it.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Time for a swim

Sam invited us around for a swim today after kindy as it was so hot!

Xander loved the pool - he couldn't touch the bottom but with his swim ring (first time used) he had a blast.
Esmee preferred to get in and out and sit demurely on the steps.

Party time

Today was Sam's birthday party.

There were lots of kids, lots of food and lots of play.
Xander and Charlie and a little girl had a jam with Sam's music toys - drums, microphone and a keyboard.Where's Esmee? Oh the last child at the table still eating!

When she'd finished she had a go on the drums too.

play group

At playgroup today the kids made pet rocks. I never had one of these as a kid so i don't get them, but the kids loved it - just need to remember to take them down from 'drying' on the window sill!


Esmee has became a real little girl suddenly.
For a period of about four days we could not leave the house without tears until she had her little handbag. But this had to be complete with the little mirror and cell phone that came with it!

She's always been into shoes...yey for Granny!

And now she is really into dolly's. She picks them up out of their little cot and carts them under her arm, then says "ba-ba" (bye bye) gives them a kiss and a hug and puts them back to bed.
At playgroup and at our friend's Sophie's she delights in putting the dollies into strollers and trying to put clothes on and off them.

It is hard to believe she will be 18 months old in a few weeks. She's growing up so fast and that strong will keeps growing too!

Gingerbread men

Today we made gingerbread men - not just men shaped cookies that you can buy in shops and they call them 'gingerbread' men - real gingerbread men.

What a mess. I brought the dough to the table and Xander and Esmee had a great time rolling and chopping, oh and dropping it all over the floor! Once they were cooked they each iced on and had it for pudding (sorry no photo of final product!)

At the Park

17/02/09 - We went to the park with Sophie, Jackson and Pam.

Esmee was so quick and i had to race to get to her before she reached the top of the ladder for the slide!
Xander loves the pole and went down many times - maybe a fireman??

Then of course they both walked around the wall and over the other climbing things.

Oh and what about the tunnel? What's down there?

It's me!