Tuesday, March 17, 2009

18 Months Old

Well apparently this is a serious milestone. A sure sign of no longer being a baby and entering toddlerdom. Apparently it is a great age to have a potty handy as Esmee can now hold her bladder, though she has been doing this for a few months already. She tells us when she wants a new nappy - and usually she had just filled it so i have taken to asking if she wants to go toilet, and her nod and "unn, sss" (translation: um, yes) off we go and sit on the ducky seat for about a minute. Nothing happens but she is stoked!
Esmee's hair is nearly long enough for a pony tail at the back, but everyone agrees her two pointy pigs tails are adorable.
Much to our horror, she had discovered she can climb the ladder up the playfort and hangs onto the top one and calls out until someone comes running to open the trapdoor so she can continue onwards. And hell hath no fury like hers when you tell her to get down and not go up!

Weight: 9.9kg
Height: 79cms

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