Saturday, March 21, 2009

Daddy's Big Helper

Today Alan and Xander made a smaller vege garden as i hope this will be more managable and easier to gain access so we can grow our own veges. Xander had such a great time picking the chillis and tomatoes. He loved going to the garden centre and helping pick the veges. he really wanted brussel sprouts and beetroot so Alan got a punnet of each.
Of course Xander loved helping Daddy build the boxes and he got to use his tools.

Xander is a veritable Mr Helper and such a lovely boy. We often get comments that he is really cool and a dear boy from random people. Such great manners and so happy. I hope this stays that way once the testosterone kicks in at age 4!


Lillybud said...

He will be fine, sam always get told what a polite boy he is and he will be five next month :)

Constance said...

i love vege gardens i'm so jelous!! the best i can get atm is growing chilies and capsicum in pots by the door :-)

looks like he had lots of fun.