Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Finally the Wiggles are here!

Wow finally after 3 months of holding tickets and trying not to tell Xander we are going - or it would have been "are we going to the wiggles today mummy?" everyday for those 3 months! - we went and saw the wiggles today. I'm so pleased we were able to take the kids to see them, such a wonderful opportunity to round out their wiggles education.

It was so good. There were about 3 songs we didn't know and kids had grins the whole 1.5 hours.
Jeff fell asleep, Murray played his guitar, Captain Feathersword was his silly self, and Anthony has become a bit of an acrobat (Captain too).

I think there were just as many adults as kids and it was great to see so many dads there. Alan enjoyed it too.
Xander was thrilled when Old Dan Tucker song came on so Alan videoed the whole thing - it is way too long to put on the blog, you'll just have to see it when you visit!

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Wullems clan said...

wow looks like you guys had a great time