Friday, April 03, 2009

Easter at Playgroup

For the last playgroup of term 1 the kids were treated to an easter fiesta!
We had party food - including hot cross buns!, Tracey organised some games, we had potatoe and spoon races, hop like a bunny race and lots more.
The kids began the fun with a dig in the sandpit for easter eggs.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Jackson's Naming Ceremony

We were invited to Jackson's Naming Ceremony on the last weekend in March and it was a beautiful ceremony.
I had wanted to do something like this for our kids but Alan isn't into it.
Select family and friends gave pledges of support for Jackson and everyone was encouraged to give him a piece of advice and a wish for the future.
Balloons were released into the air in celebration and Sophie and Jackson exchanged little sibling gifts - matching greenstone pendants.
A Beautiful ceremony Pam and Phillip - thanks for including us!

Learning quickly

Esmee is following Xander's lead and learning very quickly.
She thinks it's fun to sit on the toilet - especially with the ducky seat, she doesn't have to do anything just sit and she gets a clap for a "good try".

Dad comes to playgroup

Alan worked from home for about a week and on friday 20/3 the kids were so excited when he said he would come to playgroup.
He got to play with the dolls, cars and partake in the yummy morning tea.