Friday, May 01, 2009

Our time in Wellington

We spent the week after Easter weekend in Wellington as it was my Nana and Grandad's 60th wedding anniversary. turned out i didn't get to enjoy the party as i was rather ill...
The kids got to spend lots of time with Granny, going to the beach, chilling in the back garden, building towers, having fluffies - it was a great time!

Braving the winds the kids went to the rescue helicopter and were quite serious about putting on their safety belts - wonder if it was the wind??

It was Uncle Matt's birthday and Grandad's birthday while we were there so for Uncle Matt's birthday Alan and i went out for dinner and had a massive icecream sundae - not each between all of us! Alan took the kids out to the Hutt for Grandad's birthday and they had a marvelous time.
Due to me being ill Alan got to spend heaps of quality time with the kids, and they really loved that too - funny how it is continueing two weeks later!

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