Sunday, May 31, 2009

Xander the Chef

Want some?

Xander cooked his own dinner tonight.
He saw the recipe card Granny had picked up at the butcher and declared he wanted to make the mince bread baskets.
We cooked the mince, adding in baked beans and pumpkin puree, then buttered the bread and popped them into muffin trays. Spooning the mince carefully into the bread was so much fun!
Then after it was cooked in the oven, Xander was delighted to top it with grated cheese and a cherry tomato.
He even thought it tasted great! Perhaps this is the way to get him to eat dinner.

Esmee had a nibble but wasn't too fussed. But Xander ate one and said he wanted to make more tomorrow - luckily i have frozen the left over mixture for next time!


Wullems clan said...

Whats with the hard hat Esmee is wearing was she getting prepared?

Kerrin said...

yeah i don't know she had it on all day!