Saturday, June 06, 2009

Esmee has a new bed

Esmee's king single bed arrived on Thursday afternoon. Xander was a big help helping to push it into her room and then screwing in the wheels.
The bed can we pulled apart and the base slept on as well as the mattress.

Testing out her new bed. It was great dressing the bed with the duvet cover i made for her! and she seemed to like it too.

Last night she even slept in it! and without a dummy. I left it at a friend's house much to Esmee's disgust at 5 this morning when she realised she didn't have it!
But she is asleep now for her afternoon sleep in her new bed too - so our baby is definitely becoming a big little girl!

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Wullems clan said...

I love that photo of them both in bed wth their Jack and Jill. She sure is getting so big now. Wel done on the cover it is awesome.