Thursday, July 30, 2009


Esmee is enrolled in Gymnastics this term and she is loving it! As soon as we get there she says "Play there!" and runs all over the place.
Perhaps we will have a little gymnast on our hands??
She is loving the time we get just the two of us with Xander now at morning kindy. We go shopping, go for walks, do baking. We love it! Of course she is excited when it's time to get Xander, she does miss him.

Medical update: Had Esmee's paedeatrician (how do you spell that??) appointment on Tuesday and her EEG (brain scan) came back normal. They think she is perhaps reacting to pain and holding her breathe and passing out - we don't believe so but we aren't medical practitioners! - we had to get a blood test for her as they wanted to check her iron levels. Basically don't know why she's had her partial seizures/fainting spells and will see them again in six months - hope she doesn't have any more!
Me: I have an MRI scheduled for this Tuesday so will let everyone know the results when we get them!

Morning Kindy

Xander has been going to morning kindy this term and is so enjoying the 3.5 hours he is there - it's a 4 hour session but i can't seem to get him there for 8:15am!
The first week he was knackered and slept for 3 hours on Wednesday afternoon. But he is so excited as he gets to do "homework" once a fortnight and is looking forward to getting stuck into it this afternoon. Maybe he will be a bit of a homework geek like his mum? I loved homework!
It's very scary knowing that in just over a year he will be gone all day and be at school!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Esmee's Oven

This is the oven and sink unit (without the sink yet!) that he is building for Esmee for her birthday. Apparently he is half way, just has to do the door, the hobs, and paint. It is going to look awesome and Esmee is going to get hours of fun!

Bounce Fun Land

On Sunday the kids were ratty so to burn off the last of the school holiday energy we took them to the new bouncy castle place in town.

Alan and i got to go down the big slide with the kids as there weren't many kids there.
Alan even helped another little girl up the steep steps.

Monday, July 13, 2009


We took the kids to Candyland on Sunday, and it was great!

We were shown how to make lollipops and then we had a go!
Alan did it first:

then my turn!
We had to work really quick so the kids only got to watch - the lollipop set in 30 seconds.
yum, can't wait to try it!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Funny Kids

A few shots of our darling children! Xander wanted to be funny!

Esmee Georgia

Goofy Xander

Funny Xander

Xander Jacob