Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On holiday

Alan is on holiday this week so we took the kids to the Otorohanga Kiwi House on the way to a five day stay in Taupo.
I've never seen a kiwi before and am amazed how big they are! Sorry no photo as it was dark.

Xander wasn't as excited about them as i thought he would be but he loved the pukeko and the tuatara ( a real dinosaur!) .
Esmee just wanted to keep seeing ducks. I mean we can feed and see the ducks at the park down the road so lets have a look at the Falcon and the Owl...where is she?...oh, there are more ducks!

ooh there are the ducks!

Xander went for a closer inspection on one little bird and it got quite excited. It started bleating something terrible it was so funny!

The best moment was when we were crossing a bridge close to the end where some Grey Teals and more ducks were swimming.
This little Teal followed Xander along the rail and even ate food from his outstretched hand (mine too!).

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