Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cleaning Granny's car

While in Wellington on the weekend, the kids were delighted to help Granny wash her car.
I think we are going to have to invest in a special broom so they can do it at home too! - maybe then i'd reach the roof!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Daddy surprised Esmee with a cake on Thursday night - her actual birthday!

On Saturday Nanna and Grandad and Uncle Matt and Aunty Jenny arrived bearing gifts - and hugs :) Esmee was wearing her new dress sent from Granny and Grampa!

Esmee was so lucky to get two new dolls, a highchair and a stroller! Or course Xander loved playing with them too - much to Grandad's anxiety! (No it's not a pink job!!)

Rascal had to check out all the fuss - watch out you don't get cooked, duffer cat!

Esmee's official party was on Sunday.

After a bit of nail biting at the weather on saturday, it dawned sunny, but not too warm.
The garden party was kicked off complete with a tent, a princess chair, teapot cake and lots of party food.
Thank you, friends for the wonderful time and all the presents!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Esmee!

Esmee woke up to presents!
The first was from Xander - a magnetic dress up doll and she loved putting the shoes on.

Then out to the lounge and look what she found:

An oven and sink, made by dad!

Checking it all out.
Than trying it with the pots and pans from Granny and Granpa - thanks!

After Xander went to kindy we went shopping and Esmee got a dinner set to go with her oven from Aunty Angelina.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First present

Nathaniel and Isla aren't able to make it to Esmee's party on Sunday so they gave her her first present today.

It was so funny, she was really grateful and then just didn't know what to do with it! We have to encourage her to rip in to it (with a bit of enthusiastic help from Xander and Nathaniel ;) ) and wow look what she got!

Her very own bubba to carry around! It coos and gurgles and giggles and is so cute - it even has it's own bottle , so Esmee is in heaven! Xander is trying very hard to have as many holds as possible - poor thing, he's just going to have to get used to Esmee getting presents and not him :)
Great practice for the weekend - by then she will definately know what to do when given presents!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Hard at work

We had a busy weekend.
Alan was able to get out there and trim the edges and mow the lawns.

Then after Hockey he was inspired to cut the holes in the fort for the kids to climb up - oh and the door, which has given me a few moments of terror with Esmee swinging it open and me picturing her hurtling to the ground swept along with it - must by a padlock!

The kids loved raking the grass and brooming it all up for collection - much faster to mow the lawns without the catcher on , plus the kids love to help clean up!

I was inspired to finally clean out Xander's wardrobe - which is full of mine and Alan's stuff, like photos and uni books and computer stuff...
So i sorted it and made sure all of Xander's stuff is easier to access and it cleared up more space for our stuff - the garage is choker but that is going to be another job for another weekend.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kindy trip to the Kiwi House and Waitomo Caves

Alan went with Xander and his Kindy to the Waitomo Caves and the Kiwi House on Friday - i a bus!

Apparently some of the poor kids didn't travel well :(
Of course there are no photos of the caves - the glow worms wouldn't like it, but they had a blast! Xander said he got his pants wet in the boat.
Here he is having a snack with some friends - Monique is the blonde on and Paige is a little friend, who is apparently coming to play at our house (they have it all sorted, but us mums haven't even met yet!)

This trip was inspired by Xander when he gave news after we came back from our trip to the Kiwi House and Taupo. Yey for Xander and his fantastic news!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Making the most of the sunshine

Wow, the sunshine has been awesome this last week and we have been taking every opportunity to enjoy it.
The kids were outside with a friend - Sam - on their skateboards and the scooter and having a marvelous time. Esmee quickly picked up how to use the skateboard by watching Xander showing Sam, and then Xander was being very cautious indeed! Really i don't think he needed to be holding on but there we go.

We had a picnic lunch Wednesday after kindy, which Xander absolutely loves so we are very pleased the weather is warming!
The sun made the kids feel very loving, and they shared a hug for me!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Charlie's birthday and the park

Today was Charlie's party at McDonalds.

With all his friends they had happy meals and lots of fun in the playground. Xander played doctors with Eden.After the party we went to the Claudelands park and the kids did lots of confidence building on the various climbing apparatus.

Another exhausting fun filled day.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Party at Bounceland

Birthday Boy Nathaniel

Today we went to Nathaniel's birthday party at Bounceland, the local bouncy castle place. This is the second party of all our friends and they will be coming thick and fast from now til Christmas!
The kids had a ball, climbing up the ladder and zooming down the slide.
Esmee created a road block but the big boys helped her so gently up.

Then she did it herself. Brave determined girl!

Xander was running around like a maniac, having a marvelous time!

After some cake,

and a mugshot line up,

they went back for a last bounce/slide then we went home exhausted.
Great party Nathaniel!