Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Daddy surprised Esmee with a cake on Thursday night - her actual birthday!

On Saturday Nanna and Grandad and Uncle Matt and Aunty Jenny arrived bearing gifts - and hugs :) Esmee was wearing her new dress sent from Granny and Grampa!

Esmee was so lucky to get two new dolls, a highchair and a stroller! Or course Xander loved playing with them too - much to Grandad's anxiety! (No it's not a pink job!!)

Rascal had to check out all the fuss - watch out you don't get cooked, duffer cat!

Esmee's official party was on Sunday.

After a bit of nail biting at the weather on saturday, it dawned sunny, but not too warm.
The garden party was kicked off complete with a tent, a princess chair, teapot cake and lots of party food.
Thank you, friends for the wonderful time and all the presents!

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