Monday, September 14, 2009

Hard at work

We had a busy weekend.
Alan was able to get out there and trim the edges and mow the lawns.

Then after Hockey he was inspired to cut the holes in the fort for the kids to climb up - oh and the door, which has given me a few moments of terror with Esmee swinging it open and me picturing her hurtling to the ground swept along with it - must by a padlock!

The kids loved raking the grass and brooming it all up for collection - much faster to mow the lawns without the catcher on , plus the kids love to help clean up!

I was inspired to finally clean out Xander's wardrobe - which is full of mine and Alan's stuff, like photos and uni books and computer stuff...
So i sorted it and made sure all of Xander's stuff is easier to access and it cleared up more space for our stuff - the garage is choker but that is going to be another job for another weekend.

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