Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kindy trip to the Kiwi House and Waitomo Caves

Alan went with Xander and his Kindy to the Waitomo Caves and the Kiwi House on Friday - i a bus!

Apparently some of the poor kids didn't travel well :(
Of course there are no photos of the caves - the glow worms wouldn't like it, but they had a blast! Xander said he got his pants wet in the boat.
Here he is having a snack with some friends - Monique is the blonde on and Paige is a little friend, who is apparently coming to play at our house (they have it all sorted, but us mums haven't even met yet!)

This trip was inspired by Xander when he gave news after we came back from our trip to the Kiwi House and Taupo. Yey for Xander and his fantastic news!

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