Friday, October 23, 2009

Eden's birthday

Eden's birthday is the first from our original antenatal group.
It was a huge party with about 15 kids.
Xander and Esmee had a great time. It was awesome with the bouncy castle and the jungle gym the trampoline (though i did have heart palpatations with no nets!).


Anonymous said...

Great photos Kerrin! Would love a copy when I see you next - we got hardly any of Eden and the cakes. OMG - do you know its was more like 19 kids?! I think I am hugely insane....thanks so much for coming and for the cool pressie. She loves it (and Isla!). Funny I am so used to the tramp without the nets now, thats what happens when you have a lazy hubby who couldn't be bothered putting the nets back on when we moved house!

Michelle Bibby

Anonymous said...

Pamela Wullems -
wow looked like you had a great time.