Monday, October 12, 2009

Nanna comes and Athletics!

Nanna arrived by plane today and the kids were so excited at the airport they screamed with delight every time an aeroplane took off or landed, "Nanna's here!"

Tonight was Xander's first night at Athletics. There were so many kids there but apparently this gets culled down as kids decide they don't like it.

Xander and Esmee decided to run the whole 400m track before athletics had even started. Esmee tried to keep up but quickly lagged behind calling "Z-ha, wait me!" It was so cute.
Xander had a great time. He was so good at the egg and spoon activity, the moon hopper and the sack hopping. When it was time for the walking with the hoop he had some difficulty but he did well and really got into swinging it over his head in the end.

Last of all, all the kids had to line up in their age groups and run a race. Xander ran from me to Alan. He was so excited and didn't care a fig that he came last!

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