Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sophie, ducks and doh!

We had Sophie for the afternoon today. After kindy she came for a play as her baby brother had his swimming lesson and we decided she could stay if she wanted to.
Esmee ended up having a sleep - she has decided to pretty much drop her sleep much to my disgust and horror - so we played some board games and then went and fed the ducks.
After a quick afternoon snack both the kids and the ducks waited patiently, then the bread was thrown.
The kids thought it was hilarious to fall down and run and fall down and run all the way back up the hill to the car - such is the joy of being a kid i suppose! They ended the fun with a group hug, which is very rare for Sophie - she is not a touchy feely person like my two!

Of course, no fun day is complete without us making a dash for the doctor. Esmee climbed on the fence by the car and fell and landed on her head. After a quick exam she had some human glue - glue! - and a sticky, and with a bravery certificate we came home only 40 minutes after arriving. Very impressive. Esmee wasn't concerned either. Seemed very proud of her sticky.

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Anonymous said...

Pamela Wullems -
oh they are cool photos she had a blast thanks again