Monday, November 30, 2009


We had two parties this weekend.
Saturday after swimming was Xander's friend Michaela's birthday party.

They had a great time catching up with Eden and Bailey and Ella and Michaela and blowing bubbles and balloons.

Sunday morning Xander and I went to Jensen's party. Jensen is a friend from Kindy.
There were many games played at this party, including potato and spoon race, musical statues, three legged race, hide and many. Xander was exhausted. Not to mention on a sugar high!

Thank goodness the parties are finished until Jackson's party a few days before Christmas, we need the break from all that sugar!

Monday, November 16, 2009

News at Kindy

This morning Xander was dieing to tell his kindy friends about his party and wanted to show them his superhero cape and his new batman chair. Off to kindy they went and he showed them off at news. Based on the photos it looked like he had a great time showing them off!

Maybe daddy will get a few orders if he puts up a flyer on the notice board. I think we all know who Xander's real hero really is!!

Work of Art

Xander drew this on a piece of canvas with vivid and dye at kindy last week. It is a family portrait. left to right: Xander, Esmee, Mummy, Daddy, Rascal and our house.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Xander's Super Hero Squad

Today was Xander's Party, the Super Hero Training Squad. Before the squadees arrived Xander was given his batman chair.
As the guests arrived they were given their superhero packs, which included capes.

First stage of training was a co-ordination game of over and under which proved pretty tricky with their capes but very enjoyable!

Then they got all tied up in a game called web blasting where they jumped around and bounced some balloons on a web.

After a lunch of sausages and chips, popcorn, dip, apples and gingerbread men,

they watched a short movie and solving a quick puzzle led them to the birthday cake!

Training complete the new super heroes were presented with certificates and told to continue to save the day!
Amazingly it wasn't all about the presents - Xander was so excited about everyone getting their capes he almost forgot to open his presents - almost!

After the party was when he remembered to be really excited. They included some great lego, a dinosaur book featuring Xander and Esmee! a beautiful watering hole book, trio building blocks, felt creations board, remote control tarantula (shudder!), blastin' big rig, uno, a hat...Xander was very spoilt, not to mention the wonderful parcel that arrived earlier in the week from Aunty Jenny Skarloey and the timber loader!
Thank you squadees for helping to make Xander's party such a fantastic day!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Little Girl

Esmee loves gym. She has suddenly gotten her confidence with hanging. Just one day she is now lifting her feet and will swing quite happily on the rings. She now does it at Kindy and at gym.
She even zooms along the beam - balancing seems to be her favourite apparatus (just like her mum :) ).

Our sweet girl is a real girl. Today we set up the little play house and had a tea party with Baa Sheep inside. It was a tight fit but we had a great time.
I can't believe how quickly my children are growing up - sigh. It is going way too fast.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Music Miss

Esmee just loves Mainly Music. We are so pleased it has started again this term.
She is right into it now, doing all the actions and singing.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Xander's Big Day

Well today he is 4! Four years ago today i held him in my arms for the first time weighing 8lbs 14ozs and felt such overwhelming love and awe and a sense of impossibility. What if i can't do this? What if i can't be a good mum? I don't know how to look after a little baby! Too late for all that!
Well i learnt. And i think we all turned out okay.

Xander turned out better than okay!
What a fantastic four years for him! He can ride his bike, count to 30, read and write the alphabet and his name and numbers from 1-10. Learning to read simple words, has a ferocious appetite for learning. Has an abundant confidence in climbing, jumping, swinging... the future is so bright and so very very near.

Here are the photos of his fantastic day. He woke up to some awesome presents - a parking garage.service centre, superhero lair and figurines, cars, basket (he really wanted one for his birthday!), thomas expansion track. Then daddy and Esmee whipped up some pancakes for breakfast. Off to Kindy for a morning of special treatment getting to sit at the front, ring the bell, choose the songs, hand out stickers. A bus ride home, a visit from a friend, phone calls from family. Burgers at McDonalds. Presents via skype and a birthday cake. Man what an exhausting 4th birthday, and it wasn't even the party!!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Growing way too quickly

Xander is growing up way too quickly, i just can't keep up. I guess all parents think this about their kids but it is really hitting home just how precious the time is with them. Too soon my baby boy will be off with his mates down the pub or off to uni or where ever he wants to go, and i'll be wondering where my baby boy has gone.
The past few days i have caught him doing some wonderful things.
In his quiet time, he was playing his guitar - we are so going to invest in real lessons for him when he's 5! :

And the other morning he got up and served himself and Esmee breakfast. It really didn't matter that he'd their bowls with enough cereal for three mornings each or that there was no more milk left: he'd done it all by himself. And now, tomorrow he will be 4!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Out for a play

Today we took the kids somewhere new. A friend told us about a park in town, Parana Park which has an aviary and a small pool and a great play area.
After a haircut for me and quick stop at the supermarket for some supplies off we went in search of this cool park. And cool it is!
The kids loved climbing and swinging so much they didn't want to sit and have a picnic lunch.