Monday, November 09, 2009

Growing way too quickly

Xander is growing up way too quickly, i just can't keep up. I guess all parents think this about their kids but it is really hitting home just how precious the time is with them. Too soon my baby boy will be off with his mates down the pub or off to uni or where ever he wants to go, and i'll be wondering where my baby boy has gone.
The past few days i have caught him doing some wonderful things.
In his quiet time, he was playing his guitar - we are so going to invest in real lessons for him when he's 5! :

And the other morning he got up and served himself and Esmee breakfast. It really didn't matter that he'd their bowls with enough cereal for three mornings each or that there was no more milk left: he'd done it all by himself. And now, tomorrow he will be 4!

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