Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Xander's Big Day

Well today he is 4! Four years ago today i held him in my arms for the first time weighing 8lbs 14ozs and felt such overwhelming love and awe and a sense of impossibility. What if i can't do this? What if i can't be a good mum? I don't know how to look after a little baby! Too late for all that!
Well i learnt. And i think we all turned out okay.

Xander turned out better than okay!
What a fantastic four years for him! He can ride his bike, count to 30, read and write the alphabet and his name and numbers from 1-10. Learning to read simple words, has a ferocious appetite for learning. Has an abundant confidence in climbing, jumping, swinging... the future is so bright and so very very near.

Here are the photos of his fantastic day. He woke up to some awesome presents - a parking garage.service centre, superhero lair and figurines, cars, basket (he really wanted one for his birthday!), thomas expansion track. Then daddy and Esmee whipped up some pancakes for breakfast. Off to Kindy for a morning of special treatment getting to sit at the front, ring the bell, choose the songs, hand out stickers. A bus ride home, a visit from a friend, phone calls from family. Burgers at McDonalds. Presents via skype and a birthday cake. Man what an exhausting 4th birthday, and it wasn't even the party!!

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