Sunday, November 15, 2009

Xander's Super Hero Squad

Today was Xander's Party, the Super Hero Training Squad. Before the squadees arrived Xander was given his batman chair.
As the guests arrived they were given their superhero packs, which included capes.

First stage of training was a co-ordination game of over and under which proved pretty tricky with their capes but very enjoyable!

Then they got all tied up in a game called web blasting where they jumped around and bounced some balloons on a web.

After a lunch of sausages and chips, popcorn, dip, apples and gingerbread men,

they watched a short movie and solving a quick puzzle led them to the birthday cake!

Training complete the new super heroes were presented with certificates and told to continue to save the day!
Amazingly it wasn't all about the presents - Xander was so excited about everyone getting their capes he almost forgot to open his presents - almost!

After the party was when he remembered to be really excited. They included some great lego, a dinosaur book featuring Xander and Esmee! a beautiful watering hole book, trio building blocks, felt creations board, remote control tarantula (shudder!), blastin' big rig, uno, a hat...Xander was very spoilt, not to mention the wonderful parcel that arrived earlier in the week from Aunty Jenny Skarloey and the timber loader!
Thank you squadees for helping to make Xander's party such a fantastic day!

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monkeyDluffy said...

Hello super hero squad! im 4 years old, and i luv super hero squad. you rock! you are completly awsome.

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