Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Epic Christmas

Our Christmas this year started on Saturday 19th with Granny, Grampa and Aunty Angelina.

The kids ripped into their presents with enthusiasm and who can resist the delight on children's faces at gift ripping time? Of course they were spoilt!

Thanks Granny, Grampa and Aunty Angelina.

On Christmas Eve the kids stayed up late and helped Dad make gingerbread men for Santa and watched Santa Clause 3 on TV.

In the morning the real fun started!

Wow, the stockings had been filled, and someone had eaten 2 of the gingerbread men!!
"How did Santa know I love Captain Underpants?" Asked our very excited 4 year old. Answer: "Magic!"

As a special treat we had ice cream for breakfast but the kids didn't eat any. They had maybe one or two pancakes and that was it - usually they demolish the entire plate of the double batch but not this time. Maybe it was the excitement of all the presents??

A very hot day called for some cooling off in the paddling pool. But not before we'd played all the new games we'd been given for Christmas. The very best one? Hullabaloo. So much fun, i highly recommend for anyone with children!!

Today we had Nanna, Grandad and Uncle Matt come bearing more gifts and more fun.
After more ripping of paper and squeals of delight,

we picniced under the cooling canopy of the trees in the backyard for lunch. After a swim, a small mishap (Xander fell off the slide and hurt his arm - only wanting his daddy!!)

and another game of hullabaloo

we had a yummy dinner and then late in the evening the tired grandparents and Uncle left and Xander and Esmee went to bed.

Wow, what an epic (and very spoilt!!) Christmas we have had this year.

Thank you everyone for making this year so special. We hope yours has been special too! See you in the New Year.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Impromptu Dressups

The kids came out with the dress up box this morning and put the entire lot on!
It ended in an impromptu dance. So cute. They don't do it often but when they do it really is worth the effort.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Playgroup Zoo Trip

This year our Playgroup Christmas party was at the Zoo. We were very lucky this year to be joined by Granny, Grampa and Aunty Angelina.

We all brought our own morning tea - of course the kids were more interested in playing in the playground! and then we got a visit from the man in the red suit! Xander was the only child who remembered (from what i could hear) his manners, loud and clear everyone heard,
Thank You." So proud.

Xander was keen to stay the whole trip in the pram.

While Esmee was Miss Indepedent alternately strolling (or rather strutting!) along or having rides on Grampa's shoulders!

Really funny. All in all a really fab day.

The animals seemed to be having an off day today.

We saw some action - the Rhinos had a bit of a fight. The peacock had it's feathers on full display and even some smaller birds had a fight.

At the end when we were having an ice cream we could hear the monkeys going at it too.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Just letting you know i didn't win the Harlequin competition i entered. I didn't even rate any feedback. However this isn't going to stop me from writing, it is my passion! I have posted the chapter i wrote for the competition on my writing blog - the link is in the side bar, but it is here also Agreed: Ten Nights Only . Have a read.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Mr Smarts

Xander is just one bright boy. At least we think so. But we are biased. And so proud!

Xander found a game in his wardrobe - so many exciting things in there! - a metal airplane and boat tic tac toe game and insisted we play.

After a few games he got the hang of it and now declares "I don't want you to stop me from winning mum." So funny. So after he gets 2 in a row and i put my piece in the way to stop him, he moves it out of the way and then declares he has won!

For his birthday Xander received these cool building blocks called TRIO. We'd never heard or seen them before now but they are awesome. He plays with them every day. He hasn't quite figured out how to follow the pictures by himself yet but with us he builds the creations.

Here he builds the water plane - forget the correct name and can't be bothered googling it! See the pride at the finished result. Love it!

Today we sat down and spent abou 40 minutes on an adding book.

When it got to the part where the pictures disappeared and the numbers took over he got a bit lost so we used pegs as props and he really got into it. Such a bright wee man. He is totally going to love school.

In his kindy profile, there is a page where he asked a teacher to help him write a shopping list so he could go groceries. He made them write a list so he could copy it, then he went to the family corner and pretended to find each item by reading the words. We are so proud!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Santa comes to Kindy!

Kindy had their Christmas party for the kids today so Esmee and i stayed for the whole session and got to see Santa! Esmee really enjoyed sitting with Xander and joining in singing all the Christmas songs.
I have no idea how she managed to get the prime seat in the house! Just look at that face!

A finger puppet for all the kindy kids, and a chocolate for the siblings.

Of course at the shared morning tea Esmee didn't hesitate in pulling up a seat! Afterwards she stole a plate of food and hide away with one of the kindy children and demolished the contents! No wonder she crashed and burned this afternoon....

Xander was a bit more demure and carefully selected his fare whilst talking with his friends.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

An evening at Kindy

Thursday night we had a kindy Christmas family party. We all brought our family picnic (or takeaways!) and afterwards we said a formal farewell to one of the teachers leaving at the beginning of the next year. Bethwyn is the very soft spoken, gentle teacher and i think Xander will miss her. She is lovely. The other teachers even sang a special song for her.

We were treated to a live storyteller. I've never seen one so it was a real treat for me too! The kids were transfixed and boy was she good. Her facial's were classic, but in the interest of internet safety and privacy i will not post the photos i got of her doing them that wouldn't be fair when she put on such a marvelous show and even had Alan nearly out of his seat!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

It's All in the Eye

I had an Iridology appointment yesterday.
As it cost $10 and we've tried most other things we thought why not?
All it is, is they took a close up photo of each eye and carefully look at the colours and shadows and match it to charts which correspond to parts of the body. And surprisingly it was fascinating.

I got so many things out of it in just one half hour, more so than i have gotten after all the hundreds of dollars and complicated terminology and blood tests etc from all the other specialists. And this time it seems to make the most sense.

The major thing that same out of it was that i have low oxygen transportation from my lungs to my body and low oxygen and blood flow to my head, hands and feet. Now this makes sense from the shortness of breath after doing even a small amount of activity (thought i was suddenly terribly terribly unfit!), nausea and dizziness. And possibly even a reason for the headaches!

Possible solutions. Need to drink about ten times and amount of water i currently am, take more iron, B vitamins and spirulina.
If this is going to help, then i am so going to do it. It can't hurt.
And it makes sense.
It will be interesting to see what the doctor and the neurologist and the osteopath have to say in regards to the findings!

Thursday, December 03, 2009


Esmee has been swimming. They had a cancellation half way through this term at a private swim school so Esmee started 3 weeks ago.

She was hesitant the first week, but now she, bar a few protests, really enjoys it.

Is kicking and splashing, still a bit uncertain with putting her head under but that is not surprising.

She is gaining lots of confidence.

It is a shame we are going to be so busy over Jan and Feb. The kids are not going to be enrolled in swimming for term 1, we know they would really benefit, but hopefully term 2 will see them swimming again.