Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Mr Smarts

Xander is just one bright boy. At least we think so. But we are biased. And so proud!

Xander found a game in his wardrobe - so many exciting things in there! - a metal airplane and boat tic tac toe game and insisted we play.

After a few games he got the hang of it and now declares "I don't want you to stop me from winning mum." So funny. So after he gets 2 in a row and i put my piece in the way to stop him, he moves it out of the way and then declares he has won!

For his birthday Xander received these cool building blocks called TRIO. We'd never heard or seen them before now but they are awesome. He plays with them every day. He hasn't quite figured out how to follow the pictures by himself yet but with us he builds the creations.

Here he builds the water plane - forget the correct name and can't be bothered googling it! See the pride at the finished result. Love it!

Today we sat down and spent abou 40 minutes on an adding book.

When it got to the part where the pictures disappeared and the numbers took over he got a bit lost so we used pegs as props and he really got into it. Such a bright wee man. He is totally going to love school.

In his kindy profile, there is a page where he asked a teacher to help him write a shopping list so he could go groceries. He made them write a list so he could copy it, then he went to the family corner and pretended to find each item by reading the words. We are so proud!

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