Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Epic Christmas

Our Christmas this year started on Saturday 19th with Granny, Grampa and Aunty Angelina.

The kids ripped into their presents with enthusiasm and who can resist the delight on children's faces at gift ripping time? Of course they were spoilt!

Thanks Granny, Grampa and Aunty Angelina.

On Christmas Eve the kids stayed up late and helped Dad make gingerbread men for Santa and watched Santa Clause 3 on TV.

In the morning the real fun started!

Wow, the stockings had been filled, and someone had eaten 2 of the gingerbread men!!
"How did Santa know I love Captain Underpants?" Asked our very excited 4 year old. Answer: "Magic!"

As a special treat we had ice cream for breakfast but the kids didn't eat any. They had maybe one or two pancakes and that was it - usually they demolish the entire plate of the double batch but not this time. Maybe it was the excitement of all the presents??

A very hot day called for some cooling off in the paddling pool. But not before we'd played all the new games we'd been given for Christmas. The very best one? Hullabaloo. So much fun, i highly recommend for anyone with children!!

Today we had Nanna, Grandad and Uncle Matt come bearing more gifts and more fun.
After more ripping of paper and squeals of delight,

we picniced under the cooling canopy of the trees in the backyard for lunch. After a swim, a small mishap (Xander fell off the slide and hurt his arm - only wanting his daddy!!)

and another game of hullabaloo

we had a yummy dinner and then late in the evening the tired grandparents and Uncle left and Xander and Esmee went to bed.

Wow, what an epic (and very spoilt!!) Christmas we have had this year.

Thank you everyone for making this year so special. We hope yours has been special too! See you in the New Year.


Wullems clan said...

Oh poor Xander. He looks so little in alan's arms

Kerrin said...

they alsways look so tiny in daddy's arms! Alan was so proud he wanted to be with daddy! Turns out the small mishap is a 'greenstick fracture' basically a small bend in a very young bone!!
I'm going to post pictures when we get the xray's home on wednesday night.